Time to stop Microsoft Bashing

Microsoft. The company everyone loves to hate. Especially devs. It's a common theme in any dev circles, and has been for quite some time. People look over snootily at the 'poor, misinformed Windows' user, as if they can't be taken seriously as a dev. I know, I've been guilty of this in the past. But it's time we, as a dev community, stopped this bigotry.

It's bad enough dealing with fanboi-ism from Mac users (disclosure: I'm a Mac user at home, but at work I use Ubuntu), but are we that bitchy that we have to mock people's work based on the OPERATING SYSTEM they built it on? After all, we're all building for the World Wide Web, right? The whole point of the Internet is that it's platform agnostic, and thankfully you can write HTML on any text editor.

Yes, Microsoft have a patchy history. IE6 got a bad rep, but actually when it was released it was a good browser. They just didn't update it for years.. Try comparing it to Mozilla (it wasn't even called Firefox back then!)

In the past, it's arguably right they've had a bad name. The problem is as devs a lot of our attitudes don't seem to have changed. Maybe it's just like The Offspring said - "It's cool to hate" The thing is though, Microsoft's trying, and they've come a long way. They've got great people on their team now, people like Rey Bango, Martin Beeby and Christian Heilman. Also IE11 isn't bad at all!
I've not used Windows 10, but that looks pretty nice too, and I hear good things about Edge. Yes, the Windows Phone might not be as popular or ubiquitous as Android and iOS but that doesn't make it crap.

As for judging people for what platform they choose to write their code, that's just stupid. It's like saying people who have blinds instead of curtains in their house are idiots. Get over yourself and realise that as long as you are creating stuff on the web and having fun - who cares?!

Time to stop Microsoft Bashing
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